Landscaping with natives in the Pensacola area

Landscaping with native plants is a great way to add aesthetic value and ecosystem function to residential and commerial areas. Native plants provide valuable ecosystem services including promoting soil health, erosion control, water purification, nutrient and pollutant removel, and they support pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. When installed correctly, native plants can also increases property values and reduce mainteneance costs associated with traditional ornamental landscaping.On the following pages we provide a basic list of recommended native plants for landscape use in the Pensacola and surrounding areas. As there are over 1,500 native plants to in this region, what is proided on these pages is merely a snapshot of the potential species with landscaping value.

The list we provide is seperated into 2 light expsoures including full to part sun and full to part shade and 3 soil types including dry (xeric), moist (mesic) and wet (hydric). For each soil type and light exposure we include trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and grass and grass-like plants. Additionally, an aquatic plants list is provided for use in areas along the magin of water bodies and in pond and water gardens. For more information about each species please use the FL Native Plant Society database (, the FL plant atlas (

We provide recommendations that include widely commerically availble species as well as species we recommend that may be harder to find. We encourage you to check check the FL Association of Native Nurseries site when purchasing native plants from gardens ( and don't hesitiate to reach out to our chapter for assistance finding native plants. Since there are not many native nurseries located near Pensacola, our Chapter is actively trying to develop more sources with grass roots growers and sellers. We are building relationships with more traditional nurseries that are willing to custom order natives. Additionally, our members always try to assist with plant sharing and swapping when possible, and we are working towards FNPS plant sales in the near future. If you are looking for specific plants or advice, use the Contact Us page on this site to get in touch!

Plant Profiles