River associated

FORESTED WETLANDS - Closed to semi-closed canopies found in hydric mucky soils

Alluvial forest -

Occur in river floodplains on low elevation levees that are slightly above floodplain swamp. Mucky soils that flood during river floods but do not contain standing water during dry portion of the year. Fire rare.

Canopy dominated with Overcup oak (Quercus lyrata), Swamp laurel oak (Quercus laurifolia), water hickory (Carya aquatica), American elm (Ulmus Americana) green ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica), water locust (Gledistsia aquatic), and/or river birch (Betula nigra). Midstory dominated with green hawthorn (Crataegus viridis), swamp dogwood (Cornus foemina), dwarf palmetto (Sabal minor), American hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana). Diverse groundcover which may include three-way sedge (Dulichium arundinaceum), southern waxy sedge (Carex gaucescens), dwarf panic grass (Dichanthelium scoparium), and golden club (Orontium aquaticum).

Distinguished by their assocation with rivers and identity of dominant canopy trees. Differes from basin swamp by having less flooding and/or standing water.

Bottomland forest 


Floodplain swamp 

Basin swamp

Distinguished by association with rivers,