About the Longleaf Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society

The Longleaf Pine Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society is located in Pensacola and serves the western Panhandle area. 


The Longleaf Pine Chapter (LPC) of the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) is one of 37 chapters within the state, collectively seeking to “promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida” (FNPS mission statement).


Our chapter is a community of individuals from a variety of backgrounds whose expertise and interests range from hobbyist gardeners and naturalists, to native plant professionals, to experienced scientists. We strive to inform, demonstrate, and generate value within the general public for native plants and native plant communities; and, to be valued by community citizens, businesses, and local governments (city/county) as an authoritative source and collaborative partner for native plant and native plant community restoration, conservation, management, and landscaping, headquartered in Pensacola.


We are actively engaged in two primary community conservation efforts with the local (city and county) government. Bruce Beach is a local public beach in the city of Pensacola. The city is currently involved in plans to connect this green space into the rest of the downtown development and future residential developments. The FNPS LPC strives to champion habitat enhancement and demonstrate native plantings for the environmental benefit of our community in collaboration with the city’s plans.  Secondly, our Chapter has teamed with the Florida Wildflower Foundation to initiate seasonally reduced mowing along our county roads to maximize flower and fruit production for wildlife benefit, roadside beautification, and to minimize maintenance costs.


Monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of the Month at 6:00 pm in the Lucia Tryon Branch Library, 1200 Langley Avenue, Pensacola, FL. We host educational speakers at our meetings, discuss community events, and plan educational field trips. Field trips are held monthly from spring through fall at various locations throughout our region. Weekly plant profiles and other Chapter updates can be found on our social media sites https://www.facebook.com/longleaf.pine.fnps/ and https://www.instagram.com/longleaf_pine_chapter_fnps/.

 Chapter History

The Longleaf Pine Chapter began during the late 1970’s. Several local residents first joined the Florida State Native Plant Society before organizing into a local chapter. The first president was Larry McDonald, first secretary was Sonja Reigel, and first treasurer was Perrin Penniman. Early members included Harriet Krippes, Jim Burkhalter, Leland Leonard, Donald Ray, Perrin and Ed Penniman, and Glen and Vicky Butts. Past presidents included Larry McDonald, Eric Schnieder, and Cheryl Jones. Early community service included involvement with Habitat for Humanity, advocating for the use of native plants in lieu of exotics for home builds/repairs. Plants were donated by members, Perrin and Ed Penniman, who owned a backyard nursery business south of Olive Road, near I-10.  

An Invitation

Our Chapter is a dedicated group of knowledgeable and amateur native plant enthusiasts. We are eager to continue to grow and evolve with new ideas to further serve the interests of our members and expand our presence in the community. We invite anyone with interest in the preservation, conservation, and restoration of our native ecosystems, as well as gardening, landscaping, and land managers to join us.

Chapter Cabinet 

President: Duane Tant

Vice President: Lizzy Jenny

Secretary: Lynn Backes

Treasurer: Vicky Butts

Representative, Council of FNPS Chapters: Gabriel Campbell

For Information about the chapter, e-mail:  longleaf.pine@fnps.org