Valentine's Orchid- Special February Field Trip

Special Field Trip to visit the Neottia bifolia (Southern twayblade or Valentine's orchid) on Sat Feb 20 2021

This is a special field trip focused on observing and appreciating the obscure Southern Twayblade Orchid (Neottia bifolia, formerly Listera australis).  The population of this small native orchid which we will visit is located north of Alekai Drive about 1/2 mile west of the intersection with Kainui Drive in partial shade of a low woods dominated by Cliftonia monophylla (black titi) and Pinus elliottii (slash pine).  This is one of the largest populations of the Southern Twayblade Orchid in the state of Florida, with thousands of individuals present, and it presents an excellent photo opportunity.


Valentine's Orchid Field Trip