University of West Florida- Ed Ball Nature Trail

Historic Edward Ball Nature Trail (established 1968), whose boardwalk section meanders through an outstanding swamp forest located in the floodplain of Thompson's Bayou.  Many interesting and noteworthy native plant species can be observed here.  Highlights include Fagus grandifolia (American beech), Chamaecyparis thyoides (Atlantic white cedar), Orontium aquaticum (golden club), Gelsemium rankinii (swamp yellow jasmine), Leucothoe racemosa (swamp doghobble), Osmunda regalis (royal fern), Cliftonia monophylla (black titi), Alnus serrulata (hazel alder), and Rhapidophyllum mystrix (needle palm).  Excellent photo opportunity.  This is easy hiking on a boardwalk.  Finish before noon.  Leader:  James R. Burkhalter.

Photo Gallery Courtesy of Kimberly Bremner:

LLP NPS Ed Ball Nature Trail Field Trip 03.27.21