Shade to part shade, dry soils

Below is a list of plants of plants we recommend for landscaping and restoration projects in and around the Pensacola area under shady, dry conditions. Many of these plants are sold by native plant nurseries, local nurseries, and from other plant vendors. Still others may be acquired from members or collected ethically with a land onwer’s permission.

 We recommend supporting a plant vendor within the Florida Association of Native Plant Nurseries (FANN) but other nurseries also sell these plants. This list is designed as a first step in choosing a plant for your site and not as a blanket recommendation. For more information about these plants please visit the FNPS website or use another trusted source.

Here we break plants up into functional groups including trees, shrubs, herbs, grass and grasses-likes, ferns and fern-likes. We then have the scientific name sorted alphabetically by genus. To generate a common name, place the scientific name into the search bar of the FL Vascular Plants website.


  • Chionanthus virginicus 
  • Ilex ambigua 
  • Ilex opaca var. opaca 
  • Magnolia grandiflora 
  • Prunus angustifolia 


  • Callicarpa americana 
  • Hypericum hypericoides 
  • Ilex vomitoria 
  • Serenoa repens 
  • Sideroxylon lanuginosum 
  • Vaccinium arboreum 


  • Elephantopus elatus 
  • Erythrina herbacea 
  • Ruellia caroliniensis 
  • Scutellaria incana 
  • Ruellia spp. 
  • Salvia coccinea 
  • Salvia lyrata 
  • Tradescantia ohiensis 

Grasses and grass-likes

  • Dichanthelium spp. 

Ferns and fern-likes

  • Zamia integrifolia 


  • Campsis radicans 
  • Gelsemium sempervirens 
  • Passiflora suberosa