Shade to Part Shade, Wet Soils

Below is a list of plants of plants we recommend for landscaping and restoration projects in and around the Pensacola area under shady, wet conditions. Many of these plants are sold by native plant nurseries, local nurseries, and from other plant vendors. Still others may be acquired from members or collected ethically with a land owner’s permission.

 We recommend supporting a plant vendor within the Florida Association of Native Plant Nurseries (FANN) but other nurseries also sell these plants. This list is designed as a first step in choosing a plant for your site and not as a blanket recommendation. For more information about these plants please visit the FNPS website or use another trusted source.

Here we break plants up into functional groups including trees, shrubs, herbs, grass and grasses-likes, ferns and fern-likes. We then have the scientific name sorted alphabetically by genus. 



Ilex cassine var. myrtifolia

myrtle dahoon

Illicium floridanum

florida anisetree; florida anise

Sabal minor

dwarf palmetto; bluestem palm

Ilex cassine var. cassine




Itea virginica

virginia willow; virginia sweetspire

Crataegus marshallii

parsley hawthorn

Lyonia lucida


Rhododendron viscosum

swamp azalea


Arnoglossum ovatum

ovateleaf indian plantain



Chasmanthium laxum

slender woodoats

Chasmanthium sessiliflorum

longleaf woodoats

Chasmanthium spp.


Dichanthelium spp.


Arundinaria gigantea


Carex spp.




Arnoglossum sulcatum

georgia indian plantain

Canna flaccida


Conoclinium coelestinum

blue mistflower

Crinum americanum


Salvia lyrata

lyreleaf sage

Viola palmata

early blue violet

Iris hexagona

carolina iris; dixie iris

Iris virginica

virginia iris; blue flag iris

Lobelia cardinalis


Spigelia marilandica

woodland pinkroot

Saururus cernuus

lizard's tail

Peltandra sagittifolia

white arrow arum; spoonflower

Peltandra virginica

white arrow arum; spoonflower



Osmunda regalis var. spectabilis

royal fern

Osmundastrum cinnamomeum

cinnamon fern

Telmatoblechnum serrulatum

toothed midsorus fern; swamp fern

Woodwardia areolata

netted chain fern

Woodwardia virginica

virginia chain fern

Dryopteris ludoviciana

southern wood fern



Gelsemium rankinii

rankin's jessamine; swamp jessamine