Coastal dune restoration

Coastal dunes of the Florida panhandle are distinguished by their flora and fauna and white quartz sand. They are emebeed within a matrix of  shrublands (coastal scrub), grasslands (coastal grassland), and ephemeral wetlands (interdunal swales) that host unique and imperlied plant species including 3 taxa of goldenasters (Chrysopsis), squareflower (Paronychia erecta), coastalsand frostweed (Crocanthemum arenicola), largeleaf jointweed (Polygonum samllianum), and gulf coast lupine (Lupinus westianus var. westianus). 

Coastal dunes are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation, hurricanes, and sea-level rise warranting their active restoration. A dune restoration guide for the Pensacola area and the greater Florida panhandle area is available here